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St Bernadette’s Primary School
Sunshine North

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Founded in 1956, St Bernadette’s Primary School has enjoyed a steady growth in enrolment over the past six decades. Today it’s a thriving learning hub that’s all about providing a secure, safe and stimulating environment for all members of the community.

Additional facilities have been added as the need arose and in 2009 AA Turner Builders won the tender to construct a new theatre hall for the school.

We worked with Max Chester of Max Chester Architects to complete the stylish structure which has was designed to create a talking piece yet sit well with the previous buildings on site.

“I have recently inspected the above building and found it to be a credit to the builder, AA Turner Builders.

Alan’s attention to detail is clearly noted. The building is wearing well and the quality is obvious. I would certainly recommend that AA Turner Builders be considered for future projects.”

Max Chester OAM

Principal, Max Chester Architects


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